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How Does Cloud Adoption Differ by Industry?

Explore the ways in which cloud adoption varies across 24 industry segments with IDC's robust Industry CloudPath program and Eric Newmark.
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In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, operational models are changing faster than ever, and customer expectations are rising at an equally ferocious pace. Long-term success and competitiveness are now largely determined by a company’s ability to be more agile, responsive, and scalable than its competitors. Cloud technology has quickly emerged as an essential ingredient of digital transformation for today’s sustainable businesses, but neglecting to embrace this shift, or even simply showing up late to the proverbial cloud party, can quickly spell disaster.

While most recognize the inevitable need to shift their business to the cloud, today’s pace of cloud adoption differs dramatically by industry. Some industries are already well equipped via the cloud to scale globally and automate and optimize various processes, while companies in other verticals are still struggling to appropriately respond to unexpected industry events and consumer requests.

Navigate Industry Cloud Nuances with IDC’s Industry CloudPath

To provide our customers with a bright window into the journey, mindset, challenges, and technology trends faced by each industry in today’s global economy, IDC recently launched a new research program called Industry CloudPath.

Industry CloudPath was designed specifically to provide deep insight into how companies in each individual industry are moving to the cloud, across 24 industry segments, including Healthcare (payers, providers, life sciences), Manufacturing (discrete, process, high tech, automotive, A&D, CPG, chemicals, wholesale distribution), Construction, Financial Services (banking, insurance, capital markets), Retail, Energy (oil & gas, utilities), Government (federal, state & local), Media & Entertainment, Hospitality & Food Service, Telecom, and Professional Services.

Industry CloudPath covers a broad range of topics, including examination of the buyer’s journey from beginning to end. This includes analysis on the cloud buyer’s mindset, such as purchasing preferences, wants, needs, and fears. It also tracks the adoption and prioritization of more than 200 industry specific applications and workloads, including their deployment models and migration timelines. Further, the program captures utilization rates on several dozen of the leading professional services firms, IaaS and PaaS providers, as well as extensive customer satisfaction ratings on all these vendors, including strengths and weaknesses across 25 different metrics, all broken down by industry.

Drive Strategy and Growth with Industry CloudPath

There are many other topics as well, such as benchmarking, pricing models, and even preferred buying channels. The list is too long to appropriately discuss in this blog post, so we’ve created a short 5 minute video that helps provide a more thorough in-depth look at the Industry CloudPath program and demonstrates how flexible and easy the program makes it to access the data and insights specific to your company’s needs.

Clients of Industry CloudPath today are using the program’s insight to help drive strategy and growth across all aspects of their business, from go-to-market plans, to competitive intelligence, partnership selection, sales, marketing, and even product development.  To learn more about how IDC’s Industry CloudPath program can help your company, feel free to email me personally at

Interested in seeing more? Checkout IDC’s Industry CloudPath: Vendor Ratings report to see how IaaS vendors compare in terms of services, vulnerabilities, and cloud vendor and services adoption. 

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