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High Performance Computing

Companies can no longer rely on “human computers” for their R&D initiatives. Fierce competition, the constant quest to maintain or further an organization’s differentiation, and the need to make decisions steeped in digital information mean that almost every company – regardless of industry – must invest in high performance computing, artificial intelligence, and analytics infrastructure.

Without customers, there is no business. And, without providing contextually relevant and differentiated customer experiences, businesses are unable to forge and maintain the strong bonds with customers that can help avoid chaotic disruptions.  IDC’s predictions for the Future of Customer and Consumers explore the most urgent technology issues and concerns that companies must address to differentiate themselves and maintain engaging relationships with customers.

Future of Customers and Consumers

IDC’s DX Summit and Future Enterprise Awards continue to celebrate the tech-enabled resilience of enterprises, as they navigate through the challenges and disruptions in the digitally changed world. The Future of Customers and Consumers (FoCC), one of the Future Enterprise benchmark categories, highlighted an exciting set of innovative digital transformations that focus on the customer at the center.