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Customer Expectations: How to Turn a Threat into a Marketing Opportunity

A new hierarchy of customer expectations offers new opportunities for organizations to differentiate while delighting customers. Learn how:
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Digital transformation has been changing the global business landscape in several ways, but one of the most important for organizations is rising customer expectations. The ability to create and deliver digitally-enhanced experiences as well as products and services will be a critical component of an organization’s success.

Heightened Customer Expectations Create a New Arena of Competition

These heightened customer expectations place specific demands on the marketing organization and infrastructure. Businesses will need to compete on their ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. IDC’s Gerry Murray explains how these customer expectations create a new area of comparison between your organization and your competition:

Turning a Business Threat into a Marketing Opportunity

The best experience a customer has anywhere sets the bar for what they expect everywhere. Your business either creates the gold standard for customer experience or suffers in comparison to your competitors. But a savvy marketing organization can turn this threat of failing to meet customer expectations into a big opportunity to convert, delight and retain customers. Marketing will need develop a new approach for marketing that enables you to consistently raise customer expectations beyond what your competitors can deliver.

To get started, marketers should understand exactly what customers are expecting from their organizations. That’s where IDC’s Hierarchy of Customer Expectations comes in. Deepen your understanding of what customers need from a technology supplier, and differentiate your brand based on this understanding. Marketing strategies and tactics, from personalizing messaging to creating an expectation of customer partnership through education, stems from this hierarchy of expectations.

customer expectations hierarchy

Develop marketing and other business strategies around customer expectations and set your organization up for success; download IDC’s Hierarchy of Customer Expectations: A Customer-Centric Model for Marketers” today.