Following a variety of small scale 5G rollouts in 2019, the rubber is hitting the road in terms of making the next-gen cellular technology available to the masses with the recent low-band spectrum 5G launches from AT&T and T-Mobile. For the past month, I have been putting those recent deployments through their paces and came away with a few impressions on low-band 5G’s impact on today’s user experience.

By now you’ve probably heard about this next generation of cellular connectivity thing known as 5G.  Nationwide advertising campaigns tout the ability to play multiplayer games on the move and logos are already changing on our phones. You might even think you have it via the 5G (GHz) channel on your WiFi router. Mobile operators began announcing launches of one form of 5G service or another beginning late last year and are continuing through 2019. Leading academics and engineers have already moved on and started talking about 6G and 7G. The 5G era is signed, sealed and delivered, right?

Organizations are already using 3rd Platform technologies, including mobile capabilities, to enhance how they operate and interact with stakeholders. Knowing how to elevate and accelerate current initiatives is critical to executing a successful, Digital-Transformation (DX) based strategy. One way to use these tools to accomplish a DX-driven goal is to combine these technologies to maximize value for their organization.