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Top 10 Worldwide Connected Devices and Consumer DX 2020 Predictions

Explore IDC's top 10 predictions for connected devices and consumer DX in 2020 and beyond, straight from the latest IDC FutureScape.
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This blog lists the top 10 worldwide predictions for connected devices and consumer digital transportation. These technology predictions are meant to help the players throughout the connected device and consumer DX ecosystem with strategic planning within a typical five-year cycle.

As the workplace continues to evolve at an ever-quickening rate, organizations are asking IT to procure, deploy, manage, and secure an increasingly complex portfolio of hardware, software, and services often driven by trends in consumer digital transformation. Understanding the potential benefits, as well as the challenges of these new technologies is essential to any IT organization that hopes to be a key driver for its organization’s success in the future.

We challenge decision makers to assess the relevance, the urgency, and the resource requirements of each prediction to not only survive within the changing connected device and consumer DX landscape, but to thrive within it.

The top 10 predictions from the IDC FutureScape for Worldwide Connected Devices and Consumer DX are:

  • Prediction #1: In 2020, despite significant interest and investment in cloud-streamed gaming services, less than 10 million gamers will pay to access a cloud-streamed game through a console, PC or mobile device.
  • Prediction #2: By 2020, 10% of service-based enterprise organizations will have deployed ear-worn wearables to field-based employees, driving a 40% increase in efficiency plus increased worker safety.
  • Prediction #3: By the end of 2021, despite press attention on security and privacy issues, annual shipments of “trust-sensitive” smart home devices will be nearly double 2018 shipment levels.
  • Prediction #4: By 2022, 40% of enterprise-based conference calls will utilize PC-based artificial intelligence to drive a more collaborative experience.
  • Prediction #5: By 2023, 5% of commercial smartphones will offer access to satellite voice services, 10% will utilize onboard AI to better utilize scarce radio spectrum, and 25% will utilize a 5G connection.
  • Prediction #6: By 2023, 40% of health insurance plans will offer incentives to wearables users that comply with daily goals and 10% of consumers will provide this data to participate in concierge services.
  • Prediction #7: Products, platforms, and connectivity standards that have yet to ship will drive 20% of commercial notebook shipments in 2023.
  • Prediction #8: By 2024, more than 60% of luxury hotels worldwide will have deployed a customer-facing smart assistant that leverages AI to drive a better customer experience.
  • Prediction #9: By 2024, 70% of all enterprise-sized discrete manufacturing organizations will utilize augmented reality to capture, preserve, and present the institutional knowledge of longtime workers.
  • Prediction #10: By 2024, nearly 20% of all business smartphone deployments will come from refurbished stock, driving up the percentage of companies providing phones to employees while keeping costs flat.

For more context and deeper insights around these and any of our other worldwide technology predictions, click here to explore our IDC FutureScape Web Conferences.

You can find full context around these predictions in the newly published document, IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Connected Devices and Consumer DX (Document#US45587319).

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