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Cloud IoT and the Edge

How You Contribute to Today’s Growing DataSphere and Its Enterprise Impact

Global DataSphere

Think about all the connected “things” you carry with you or have in your home:  Smart phones, iPads, PCs, fitness watches and many other devices. Some we’ve used for years, others are part of the growing Internet of Things (IoT). We use them frequently for communicating, connecting socially, monitoring our health and fitness or conducting business. All of this data is contributing to what IDC calls the Global DataSphere. You may not realize this, but as soon as you connect anything to the internet, you establish a data exchange relationship that adds to the world’s DataSphere until the device is disconnected.

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Leadership Strategies

The CEO’s Nine Agenda Items for Running a Digital Business – Part 2

Digital business, digital transformation, CEO agenda

Last week, we discussed the rapidly approaching digital economy and outlined the nine new agenda items for CEOs. We also drilled down into the 3 CEO agenda items related to new customer requirements. In this blog, we’ll explore the three new capabilities needed to compete in the digital economy, the new critical infrastructure, and new ecosystems.

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Leadership Strategies

The CEO’s Nine Agenda Items for Running a Digital Business – Part 1

Digital business, digital transformation, CEO agenda

The digital economy has been eagerly anticipated for years, but felt to be in the distant future. As we look towards 2020, we can see the digital economy appear on the horizon. By 2023, products and services from digitally transformed enterprises will account for more than half of the global GDP, according to IDC’s research, signalling digital supremacy.

With the onset of digital supremacy just 3 years away, CEOs will quickly find themselves running a new type of organization. And with that new organization comes a new agenda.

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Artificial Intelligence and DaaS Leadership Strategies

4 Ways AI Will Transform Marketing

AI marketing transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to transform the way that marketing professionals work, and how organizations target, engage and connect with customers and prospects. Just like how marketing automation created new tasks and job functions, AI will revolutionize the way marketing is performed – and dictate a new set of job needs and skills.

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The Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) Market at a Glance

DPaaS Market Glance

The amount of data that organizations collect and use to inform their strategies and power applications is truly astounding; IDC expects that the amount of data created in 2023 will reach over 100ZB (one trillion gigabytes) or 10 times more than the amount of data created in 2014. Organizations need to make sure that their data is secure, which is why the data protection industry is so important. Data production as a service (DPaaS) solutions are the fastest growing segments of the data protection industry.

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