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Simply put, account-based marketing (“ABM”) is a strategic B2B marketing approach that targets a market consisting of a single company, a division of a company, and / or an individual within a company. It stands in contrast to the more generalist B2B marketing approaches providing much more targeted tactics (e.g., named companies, firmographics, and demographics vs. general company profiles, individual names and emails vs. general role-based personas and broad email lists, individualized value propositions vs. general benefit statements, etc.).

As the region with the largest share of global tech spend, North America—including the United States and Canada—is a critical geo for tech vendors to nail down. Competing in this region means you must operate at economies of scale to afford competitive price points and offer solutions that meet needs both broad and niche. With nearly 20 cents of every global dollar spent on tech moving through North America’s indirect channels, achieving and maintaining desired performance levels here requires a balance of vendor-direct and ecosystem sales.  

Generative AI has simultaneously captured the attention, imagination, and concern of most tech and business leaders across the world. However, as these technologies become front and center of conversations in the technology industry and beyond, the underlying question being asked by the market is: how do organizations derive value in a meaningful and accelerated fashion?