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IDC is seeing deliberate action being taken by CEOs to create a vision and strategy for the digital business era and to create new value. Insights from IDC’s 2022 Worldwide CEO Survey, a flagship study of 389 top executives from around the globe, will help tech vendors understand the priorities, investments and key success factors of CEOs in 2022.

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While not as exposed as European nations, Asian nations, will undoubtedly feel the spillover effects of the economic sanctions on Russia, as will the ICT industry in Asia/Pacific. IDC expects that sanctions, commodity shortages, and higher prices for oil and gas as well as other essential goods will further fuel inflationary pressures and damage ICT supply chains that support the regional consumer electronics/semiconductor manufacturing as well as distribution industries.

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. The global pandemic spurred an even greater acceleration of digital transformation, and as of 2020, digital program investment has surpassed non-digital program spend. Buying behavior has also changed. Today, leading marketers are rethinking traditional digital marketing teams, instead choosing to form teams focused on audience-based experiences,

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It’s easy to understand why Agile is experiencing a strong increase in adoption; as companies become more nimble to embrace the pressures they’re facing in digital transformation, IT development is able to respond aggressively to evolving competitors and exploit markets more easily. But these benefits rival the frustrations on the management side of Agile teams.