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The Internet of Things (IoT) Market at a Glance

Learn how customers view the IoT space – and what vendors need to do to stand out:
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The Internet of Things (IoT) market is a tricky thing; customers aren’t necessarily looking to buy “IoT technology” but are instead searching for solutions that can help them achieve a specific business goal, such as supply chain efficiency or cost savings. That’s why IoT vendors need to not only have a good handle on the other players in their space, but on the ways they and their competition are framing their individual IoT solutions. It’s not enough to talk about the IoT market; vendors must frame their solution in a business value context in order to connect with their customer base.

IDC’s snapshot view of the IoT market might not immediately help vendors with their market positioning language, but it does help visualize the overarching technology categories. Use this IDC IoT Market Glance as a jumping off point to understand where vendors stand in the overall market, and look for opportunities not only to compete, but also to cooperate or “coopete” with adjacent vendors to create holistic IoT customers.

Learn more about IDC’s IoT expertise, and read the complete Market Glance document: