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The Industry Cloud Market at a Glance

IDC predicts that the global industry cloud market will continue to grow and offer increasingly complex solutions. See what vendors need to know:
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The industry cloud market is crowded and complex, where industry clouds are growing in number and across industries and solutions are springing out from horizontal technologies. There are several market segments that organizations need to take into account when evaluating their industry cloud needs. IDC’s definition of the industry cloud market shows the wide array of suppliers currently in the market, and how specialized needs have become.

Sifting through the variety of information-driven, operations-driven, and technology-driven industry clouds can be overwhelming. That’s why IDC has created this latest Industry Cloud Market Glance:

Industry Cloud Market Glance

Learn more about the Industry Cloud market, and how IDC predicts the market will grow and transform; read IDC’s Industry Cloud Market Glance: