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Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure Awards: CIO Insights and Podcast Episode

Hear from the winners about how they leverage digital technologies to transform their business
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IDC’s Future Enterprise Podcast

Future Enterprise brings you thought-provoking and in-depth conversations on the leading edge of technology. Expert-led discussions are focused on how data and technology are reshaping the workplace, applied technology and software. They involve envisioning what the future of remote working will be like, or how organizations need to reshape their industries with digitally-enhanced products and services, or leveraging data for competitive advantages. Our podcast is for business and technology executives and offers applied examples from the field, showing technology trends in action.

Speakers in this Episode

Joseph Pucciarelli, IDC

“One of the biggest challenges in undertaking any kind of bold organizational transformation is forging a consensus with your leadership team and convincing everyone of the need to invest strategically.”

Joseph Pucciarelli, Group Vice President & IT Executive Advisor, IDC

Host of Future Enterprise Podcast

Richard Villars, IDC

“The expectations about what the role of the partner is, what the engagements are, what the timing on responses should be, are changing…”

Rick Villars, Group Vice President of Worldwide Research, IDC

“IT was becoming a bottleneck. We looked to digital transformation to change that mentality [right or wrong, the mentality of “keeping the lights on”]. And now we are back to innovating with the speed of business.” 

Bob Bender, Chief Technology Officer at Founders Federal Credit Union 

“[When looking at modelling for our digital core transformation]… we were looking at not only how do we engage with the customer, but enabling better decisions…” 

Jim Diorio, Senior Vice-President of Global Technical Services at Tapestry Inc. 

“We have to think about the different types of transactions that will be involved in our future…a myriad of products that go beyond previously just an auto segment.”  

Steve Samarge, Chief Technology Officer, Information and Digital Systems at Toyota Financial Services 

What is this Podcast episode about? 

On this episode of Future Enterprise, you’ll meet three companies that have successfully leveraged digital technologies to dramatically improve the way they do business. Their stories will inform, entertain, and even inspire anyone who may be thinking about undertaking a similar transformation for their business. 

The Future of Digital Infrastructure Award 

It’s one of the most ambitious and important projects an organization can undertake, to future-proof its operations. It’s also a key differentiator in which companies will merely survive or thrive in the years ahead. We’re talking about a “digital core transformation,” and it is a truly massive undertaking. That’s why IDC created the Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure Awards. These awards are a way of recognizing organizations that have demonstrated innovation and excellence in preparing for the “next normal”. 

Our award winners embarked on digital transformation to enable better decision making to improve service delivery and align with customer expectations. They introduced new concepts and frameworks that enable IT and the business to work better together to fuel quicker and more efficient decision making.  

The “New Normal”:  Why Digital Transformation Matters  

The concept of digital transformation has changed. Your task as a business is to use digital capabilities to improve your customers’ experience and your ability to use data. To accomplish this, you need a digital infrastructure that is scalable, can be deployed everywhere and that you can operate effectively and efficiently and becomes a platform that enables you to operate successfully in a digital-first world. In our podcast episode, you’ll hear from some of today’s industry leaders about how it’s no longer competitive to make decisions based on the old adage of “keeping the lights on”. Listen to our podcast and learn why and who is “innovating at the speed of business”.  

What needs to be accomplished with a digital infrastructure transformation: 

  1. A need for organizational education  
  1. Changing a capital-centric business model to an operational experience focus 
  1. Keep everyone focused on the big picture as the organization moves through the process 

Key insights for CIOs  

IDC Future Enterprise Podcast famously introduces a “lightning round” at the end of each episode, where you’ll hear from guest speakers at top global brands about a key takeaway. In this podcast, you’ll hear from Jim Diorio, Senior Vice-President of Global Technical Services at Tapestry Inc; Steve Samarge, Chief Technology Officer, Information and Digital Systems at Toyota Financial Services; and Bob Bender, Chief Technology Officer at Founders Federal Credit Union. Here are a few takeaways you can expect to learn from this group: 

  • A recognition that technical innovation must be a core part of the company now, and not just the IT organization 
  • While automation is a key component, people still matter. Teams must apply the discipline, and provide the insights into how automation and technology can be translated into value 
  • Experience matters, but in a way that translates into value, improved knowledge, and visibility throughout the organization 
  • You must prioritize change management as well as invest in up front planning before execution 
  • Don’t try to do everything all at once. Small, incremental changes are important. Focus on those small changes that can be implemented quickly 

Learn about our award winners and listen to the Future of Digital Infrastructure Awards podcast episode.  

How should you embark on a digital infrastructure transformation?

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Rick leads IDC's global cloud research team, driving the ongoing development of IDC's widely-used cloud services forecasts and the tracking of cloud services adoption. Over the past decade, he has been a keynote speaker at IDC's annual Directions conferences in the U.S., and in many other countries, as well as at CIO and Partner Summits and other major industry events. He regularly interacts with buy-side, sell-side and private equity financial analysts to discuss the implications of emerging ICT trends on leading ICT companies.