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The Application Development Market at a Glance

Enterprises rely on developers to enhance their operational agility. Explore the development languages, frameworks, tools and platforms supporting this growth with IDC.
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The COVID-19 pandemic underscored that enterprises need to enhance their operational agility. Digitization enables these organizations to adapt to changes in the business and political landscape and should be a digital transformation priority.

Since developers act as executors of digital transformation, they are more important than ever. This also means that developers are increasingly involved in strategic technology decisions for the organization. IDC developer research from PaaSView and the Developer 2020 shows that contemporary developers exercise influence over purchasing and procurement decisions. Developers exercise influence not only over the selection of developer tools, but also over decisions related to cloud adoption and cloud vendor selection.

IDC’s new Market Glance provides a look at the application development language, development framework, and development tool and platform landscape that developers – and their C-level executives – are interested in.

Want to learn more about the development application market and what developers and enterprises continue to prioritize? Check out the full IDC Market Glance:

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