Point-of-Sale Software in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Apparel & Softlines, and Department Stores

Review the list of vendors you should know in POS software solutions.
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IDC has published the 4th in a series of IDC MarketScapes on POS (point of sale) software solutions. This most recent IDC MarketScape, the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Point-of-Sale Software in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Retail 2018 Vendor Assessment, reviews Aptos, Diebold Nixdorf, Fujitsu, GK Software, NCR, NEC, OneView Commerce, Oracle, PCMS, TCPOS, Toshiba, and Veras Retail. Other IDC MarketScapes in this series also review Cegid, Celerant Technology, Infor Retail, Jesta I.S., Mi9 Retail, KWI, Multidev Technologies, Oracle NetSuite, and Springboard Retail.

IDC Retail Insights has released (October 2018) the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Point-of-Sale Software in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Retail 2018 Vendor Assessment (October 2018)  This MarketScape is the fourth in a series of research studies addressing the omni-channel dimensions of point-of-sale (POS) software, following these previously-released POS MarketScapes:

The focus of this IDC MarketScape on Point-of-Sale Software in Fast-Moving Consumer Goodsis on development and innovation of omni-channel capabilities – the offering of the omnichannel services and scenarios that more customers are increasingly taking advantage of, focusing on the POS (point of sale) software vendors with the most significant presence and impact in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) retail subsector. For purposes of this POS research, FMCG is defined to include grocery, drug & convenience, and hardline retailers. Twelve (12) vendors are assessed in this research report: AptosDiebold NixdorfFujitsuGK SoftwareNCRNECOneView CommerceOraclePCMSTCPOSToshiba, and Veras Retail.

This IDC MarketScape assesses the omni-channel robustness of the POS software vendors across seven areas: technical capabilities; integration; customer record; customer engagement; product data; transaction management; and order/fulfill anywhere, functional areas that are key to omni-channel commerce.

While leading retailers are working to rethink every area of their operation that impacts the customer experience, to deliver a customer experience that is more seamless, frictionless, and convenient- more responsive to the customer journey –  retailers have been slow to address the system that is at the center of the customer engagement, and a system that is key to offering current-state omni-channel services. Omni-channel services such as BOPIS (buy on-line, pick up in store) are now table stakes. The POS serves as a nerve center for the store, delivering visibility to rich omni-channel information around inventory, customer, and order.  Retailers who are relying on legacy POS systems will find it much more difficult, if not impossible, to offer and execute competitive omni-channel services at a  time when retail customers are looking for better customer experiences and faster, better, more convenient shopping.

POS software solutions come packaged as all-in-one systems, stand-alone POS solutions, and, more recently, packaged within a commerce platform. This IDC MarketScape (like the previous IDC MarketScapes on POS software) offers a competitive positioning, and a profile, of each vendor’s omni-channel POS capabilities. This report, and this series of IDC MarketScapes, will help retailers understand which POS software vendors are putting more focus on omni-channel innovation, and executing effective omni-channel POS strategies.

Read the entire IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Point-of-Sale Software in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Retail 2018 Vendor Assessment here:

Research Manager, IDC Retail Insights