Renewable and distributed energy resources continue to grow at a steady pace. As a result, utilities and power asset owners and operators are grappling with the ability to manage all the new clean technologies coming online in addition to re-evaluating traditional asset management practices. Renewable and distributed energy resources such as wind and solar are intermittent power resources which can create erratic shifts in electric supply and demand.

Until 2017, the U.S. payments market had no real-time payment rails while other nations across the globe had already launched various instant payment schemes. In 2019, the prospect of a second instant payment rail, FedNow, was announced by the U.S. Federal Reserve. FedNow, if implemented, will join The Clearing House’s (TCH’s) Real Time Payments (RTP) in the market. The increase in adoption of real-time or faster payments worldwide will force banks to reevaluate their payments infrastructures as well as their fraud strategy.

Government leaders recognize that modernizing the workforce and implementing strategies that empower workers are critical components in transforming the government. Strategic workforce management includes strengthening leadership of human capital systems, developing better human resources processes and capabilities, and enhancing the workforce culture.

On May 3rd, 2019, Tendril announced the agreement to acquire EnergySavvy in a strategic move to gain more market share in the competitive utility home energy management space.  Tendril’s core offerings have been focused on residential customer engagement products and services, which provide personalized energy efficiency and demand side management products and programs. The acquisition of EnergySavvy brings advanced personalization capabilities to the Tendril Platform.