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Every Enterprise is Becoming a Digital Innovation Factory

Future of Digital Innovation

With a rapidly growing digital economy, today’s CEOs and business leaders are currently in the middle of a seismic shift in the way businesses view and use their business technology.  While companies will still consume software from technology vendors, the need to produce their own software will become increasingly essential to the success of their business.

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Artificial Intelligence and DaaS

Three Capabilities That Drive the Future of Intelligence: The Next Source of Competitive Differentiation

Future of Intelligence Capabilities

What comes to mind when you think of intelligence within your organization? Is it having access to the latest information on key metrics, such as revenue, costs, and profit? Is it a broader view of ‘all information’ you need to make a decision?

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Leadership Strategies

Identifying and Tackling Today’s 4 Biggest Workplace Challenges

Future of Work

For decades, technology advancements have changed the way we work, and organizations have adapted.  In today’s fast-paced digital world, work transformation – the “future of work”- is a major disruptive force, and organizations are having a hard time keeping up.

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IDC’s Worldwide Education 2020 Predictions

IDC 2020 Education FutureScape Predictions

This blog lists the top 10 worldwide predictions for Worldwide Education. These technology predictions are meant to help the enterprise with strategic planning within a typical five-year business planning cycle.

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