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IDC Survey: What IT Is Likely to Move to the Cloud?

Posted by Frank Gens on January 5th, 2010

cloud_surveyIn a recent post, I shared users’ perceptions of cloud benefits and challenges from our most recent IDC IT Cloud Services Survey. In this post, I’ll show what these same IT and line-of-business executives say about their likeliness to adopt the cloud services model for different IT applications, workloads and services.

Once again, the survey was fielded, from the IDC Enterprise Panel of IT executives and their line-of-business (LOB) colleagues.

Organizations Are Likely to Consider Cloud Delivery for Many IT Offerings

We asked the panel to rate their organizations’ likelihood – on a 1 (very unlikely) to 5 (very likely) scale – to pursue the cloud model for a variety of IT applications, workloads and services. The chart below shows the percentage of panelists responding 3, 4 or 5 – that is, neutral to very likely.

[ more...]

IDC Predictions 2010 – Recovery and Transformation

Posted by Frank Gens on December 5th, 2009

IDC predictions banner

On Thursday December 3rd, IDC released its big picture predictions for the IT and Telecommunications industry in 2010. Here are some links for more detail.

The Webcast – The recorded one-hour IDC Predictions 2010 telebriefing (simple registration required):>

IDC Predictions 2010 telebriefing

The Document – The full “IDC Predictions 2010″ document:

  • For IDC clients:


  • For non-clients (simple registration required):

download IDC Predictions 2010

The Video – And here’s the 5-minute video summary:

Answers to Telebriefing Questions – On Thursday’s IDC Predictions webcast, our line to the On24 service dropped just a few questions into the Q&A session. We captured all the questions, and over the next several days we’ll post answers to those questions here on IDC eXchange. So stay tuned!

idc_survey.jpgNot surprisingly, business IT spending is typically driven by CEOs’ priorities. Accordingly, to understand the drivers of business IT spending for 2008, IDC surveyed business executives about their CEOs’ top agenda items for the coming year.

In both our 2006 and 2007 surveys, Customer Care and Product/Service Innovation ranked #1 and #2, respectively. This year, given widening economic concerns, it is not surprising that Sales Productivity (which ranked #4 last year) has jumped to #1, just marginally ahead of Customer Care, and nudging Product/Service Innovation to #3. [ more...]

“IDC Predictions for 2008″ Published Today

Posted by Frank Gens on December 6th, 2007

This morning, my colleagues and I published IDC’s predictions for the 2008 IT marketplace: IDC Predictions 2008 – The “Post-Disruption” Marketplace Takes Shape.

The headlines are two-fold, and closely related to each other: 1) Worldwide IT spending growth will be down by 1 to 1-1/2 points, and 2) IT’s big market makers will stop pussyfooting around, and finally jump into new, disruptive business models and offerings with both feet – to open up the hyper-growth emerging market and SMB segments. [ more...]

CEO Agenda for 2007: Customer Care and Innovation On Top Again

Posted by Frank Gens on June 26th, 2007

I’ve received a lot of requests to update last year’s research on “The CEO Agenda”. Here are the results of IDC’s 2007 survey of CEO business priorities:


As it has for the prior two years, improving Customer Care/Service tops the CEO priority list for 2007. [ more...]

What Business Execs Really Want from IT: Pass the Relevance Test

Posted by Frank Gens on March 13th, 2007

In a recent survey we asked Line-of-Business (LOB) executives what they wanted most from their own IT organizations and their external IT suppliers. As you’ll see below, their message to the IT community is consistent, simple and challenging: “Make yourselves and your offerings more directly relevant – and valuable – to our business. [ more...]

Almost nothing makes me crazier these days than when people talk about service-oriented architecture (SOA) as if it’s just about delivering development and integration flexibility to business applications (by SAP, Oracle, et al.). For anyone paying attention to the leading vendors in the IT infrastructure and management software world, SOA is also the core principle behind the rearchitecting of the IT operations world. [ more...]

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