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public-cloud-iconLast week IDC announced availability of our new forecast for public IT Cloud services spending.  The new forecast replaces last October’s forecast.   In this post, I’ll share some highlights of the new forecast, which extends to 2014.

[The full report - including key assumptions and forecast data for all six years, segmented by five functional categories within eight regions/countries - is available to subscribers on]

Scorching Growth and Shifting Category Spend

In total, spending on public IT cloud services (excludes private cloud spending) will grow from $16.5 billion in 2009 – a modest, recession-driven haircut from last year’s forecast – to over $55 billion in 2014. This is scorching fast growth of 27% per year.

Worldwide Public IT Services Forecast - 2009, 2014


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IDC’s New IT Cloud Services Forecast: 2009-2013

Posted by Frank Gens on October 5th, 2009

cloud2010Last year, we published IDC’s first forecast of IT cloud services, focusing on enterprise adoption of public cloud services in five big IT categories through 2012. For the past several months, dozens of IDC analysts have collaborated to refine, deepen and extend our cloud services forecasts. In this post, we share this year’s update of our top-level cloud services forecast, now extended through 2013. [The full forecast, including 2008 as well as 2010-2012, will be published shortly in IDC's Cloud Services: Global Overview subscription program.]

The New Forecast

Here is the new forecast, segmented by offering category, for 2009 and 2013:



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Defining “Cloud Services” – an IDC update

Posted by Frank Gens on September 30th, 2009

cloud2010Last year, we published IDC’s “cloud services” definition, as the foundation for our forecast of IT Cloud Services spending – and to inject IDC’s point of view, as a rational market taxonomist, into a very crowded and confused debate about just what “the cloud” is all about.

After a full year of discussion and debate among key IDC analysts, We’ve continued to refine our thinking about what defines cloud services, and what makes them new and important.and conversations with hundreds of leading IT users and suppliers, we’ve continued to refine our thinking about what defines cloud services, and what makes them new and important. The revised definition is very consistent with last year’s definition, with improvements in two areas: 1) minor tweaking of cloud service “key attributes” to improve clarity, and 2) expansion of the definitional scope to accommodate both public and private cloud deployment models. [ more...]

Microsoft’s Azure – We Told You So…

Posted by Frank Gens on October 28th, 2008

Yesterday, as we had predicted, Microsoft finally announced its intent to become a major player in the rapidly-expanding cloud services market. Here’s a clip from IDC Directions last March, predicting the “big boots” (including Microsoft’s) that would be jumping into the Cloud Computing world this year.

We’ve written for several years about the unique opportunity Microsoft has to play a market-maker role in industry’s shift to the Cloud, particularly by helping its thousands of application solution and channel partners migrate to the Software-as-a-Service delivery model. [ more...]

In our previous posts on the IT industry’s shift to the Cloud Services era, we’ve provided definitions, market context, user adoption trends, and user views about cloud services benefits, challenges and suppliers.

In this post, we offer our initial forecast of IT cloud services delivery across five major IT product segments that, in aggregate, represent almost two-thirds of enterprise IT spending (excluding PCs). This forecast sizes IT suppliers’ opportunity to deliver their own IT offerings to customers via the cloud services model. [ more...]

IT Cloud Services User Survey, pt.1: Crossing the Chasm

Posted by Frank Gens on September 29th, 2008

As part of our ongoing research into Cloud Computing, IDC recently conducted a survey of 244 IT executives/CIOs and their line-of-business (LOB) colleagues about their companies’ use of, and views about, IT Cloud Services.

This specific post looks at the current and future adoption of a variety of IT offerings delivered as cloud services. (Subsequent posts will look at users’ perceptions of the key benefits and challenges of IT cloud services, as well as what they want most from suppliers of IT cloud services.) [ more...]

As IT suppliers ponder opportunity #1 – that is, which of their own current and future offerings they should deliver as cloud services – it is important to understand the relationship between cloud services and the traditional IT product and service offerings from which many cloud offerings are descended. There is an intriguing interplay between these worlds – with cloud services borrowing the best of both service and product models to open up new opportunity spaces, as well as catalyzing major changes in what the next generation of “non-cloud”/on-premise offerings will look like. [ more...]

Framing “the Cloud Opportunity” for IT Suppliers

Posted by Frank Gens on September 23rd, 2008

In “Defining ‘Cloud Services’ and ‘Cloud Computing’“, we wrote about the emergence of the cloud services model for delivering business and consumer services of all kinds, and – in turn – the enabling role of IT in the development, deployment and delivery of those services.

We use the graphic below to identify the two principal opportunities for IT suppliers from the growth of cloud services. [ more...]

What’s Driving the Cloud Computing Era? An IT Market View

Posted by Frank Gens on September 23rd, 2008

Many people reasonably wonder if the growing interest in cloud computing is a just a short term phenomenon – the latest hype destined to join other fads in the tech market trash bin. As we’ve discussed before, IDC believes that the rapid emergence of cloud services, and the cloud computing model underpinning those services, are ushering in a fundamentally new era of growth and competition in the IT market.

The main reason we believe this is so, is that the cloud computing shift is being driven not just by the emergence of new products and technologies, but by a “perfect storm” of market forces, along three vectors: [ more...]

Defining “Cloud Services” and “Cloud Computing”

Posted by Frank Gens on September 23rd, 2008

As a company that makes its living analyzing, sizing and forecasting market opportunities, IDC takes market definitions and taxonomies very seriously. We’re pretty good at distinguishing real markets from hypey ones, We recently gathered a broad group of IDC analysts to develop a point of view on just what cloud computing is.well as articulating how new market opportunities fit in with, differ from, and complement or compete with existing ones.

And so we recently gathered a broad group of IDC analysts to develop a formal point of view on just what cloud computing is, as a necessary prelude to discussing how big an opportunity it really offers to the IT marketplace, and what it will take to capture that opportunity. [ more...]

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