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IDC Survey: What IT Is Likely to Move to the Cloud?

Posted by Frank Gens on January 5th, 2010

cloud_surveyIn a recent post, I shared users’ perceptions of cloud benefits and challenges from our most recent IDC IT Cloud Services Survey. In this post, I’ll show what these same IT and line-of-business executives say about their likeliness to adopt the cloud services model for different IT applications, workloads and services.

Once again, the survey was fielded, from the IDC Enterprise Panel of IT executives and their line-of-business (LOB) colleagues.

Organizations Are Likely to Consider Cloud Delivery for Many IT Offerings

We asked the panel to rate their organizations’ likelihood – on a 1 (very unlikely) to 5 (very likely) scale – to pursue the cloud model for a variety of IT applications, workloads and services. The chart below shows the percentage of panelists responding 3, 4 or 5 – that is, neutral to very likely.

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IDC Predictions 2010 Webcast Q&A

Posted by Frank Gens on December 9th, 2009

QandA_smOn Thursday’s IDC Predictions 2010 webcast, our line to the On24 service dropped just a few questions into the Q&A session. We captured all the questions, and – as promised – we are posting answers to them here on IDC eXchange. Many thanks to my IDC colleagues who contributed to these Q&A responses.

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IDC Predictions 2010 – Recovery and Transformation

Posted by Frank Gens on December 5th, 2009

IDC predictions banner

On Thursday December 3rd, IDC released its big picture predictions for the IT and Telecommunications industry in 2010. Here are some links for more detail.

The Webcast – The recorded one-hour IDC Predictions 2010 telebriefing (simple registration required):>

IDC Predictions 2010 telebriefing

The Document – The full “IDC Predictions 2010″ document:

  • For IDC clients:


  • For non-clients (simple registration required):

download IDC Predictions 2010

The Video – And here’s the 5-minute video summary:

Answers to Telebriefing Questions – On Thursday’s IDC Predictions webcast, our line to the On24 service dropped just a few questions into the Q&A session. We captured all the questions, and over the next several days we’ll post answers to those questions here on IDC eXchange. So stay tuned!

IT Cloud Services User Survey, pt.1: Crossing the Chasm

Posted by Frank Gens on September 29th, 2008

As part of our ongoing research into Cloud Computing, IDC recently conducted a survey of 244 IT executives/CIOs and their line-of-business (LOB) colleagues about their companies’ use of, and views about, IT Cloud Services.

This specific post looks at the current and future adoption of a variety of IT offerings delivered as cloud services. (Subsequent posts will look at users’ perceptions of the key benefits and challenges of IT cloud services, as well as what they want most from suppliers of IT cloud services.) [ more...]

Cisco, WebEx and the Cloud – Will Cisco Speed Up, Or Slow Down?

Posted by Frank Gens on August 14th, 2008

Cisco logoFor the past several years, the #1 topic we’ve discussed on this blog is the ongoing shift of business, consumer and IT offerings to the Web – a key element of a broad and profound market transformation IDC has called “hyperdisruption“. So, with all due modesty, the emerging “cloud” model and its growing impact on the market is hardly new news. But 2008 is bringing a big surge in awareness of, and momentum around, this shift to online delivery and consumption; as we predicted, this is being driven by big players – traditional and disruptive alike – finally dropping big cloud-related announcements and offerings on the market.

So when I met last week with Cisco CEO John Chambers, I was particularly interested in his perspectives on the opportunities and threats for Cisco, as the cloud model shifts into a higher gear. [ more...]

Handicapping Cisco’s Business Solutions Potential

Posted by Frank Gens on January 11th, 2008

In my last post, I wrote about Cisco’s expanding ambitions – to move from a communication products company to a business solutions provider and platform. In this post, I briefly assess Cisco’s potential to get there. [ more...]

Cisco: the Communication Business Solutions Provider?

Posted by Frank Gens on December 21st, 2007

In Cisco & WebEx: Striking Two Hyperdisruption Chords, we said that Cisco – in the wake of its WebEx acquisition – has a disruption-enabled opportunity to expand its business far beyond networking, moving “up the stack” toward business applications and solutions. Last week, at C-Scape, Cisco’s analyst briefing in San Jose, John Chambers and other Cisco executives articulated just such an expansive vision of the company’s future – one they hope will move the company well beyond its traditional role as networking sector leader, to a leader in providing a wide range of business solutions. [ more...]

Cisco & WebEx: Striking Two Hyperdisruption Chords

Posted by Frank Gens on March 15th, 2007

The news is just breaking about Cisco’s $3.2 billion acquisition of WebEx (that is some serious change). Cisco’s Chief Development Officer, Charlie Giancarlo, just posted some commentary about the deal.

It’s no secret that Cisco has been maneuvering – especially so in the last year – to move “up the stack”, into applications that take it from its traditional “plumbing” role, into things that matter more explicitly to business users. The company is striving to reinvent itself as a broader ITC (IT and Communications) company, or – even broader – as an “innovation company”, as Charlie put it in his post. In this regard, WebEx will be a nice addition to the portfolio.

Two aspects of this deal grab my attention, as they relate to the “hyperdisruption” megatrends IDC sees driving the future of the market: [ more...]

The Unconventional Apple iPhone, and What Really Matters

Posted by Frank Gens on January 12th, 2007

[Randy Giusto, who leads IDC's Mobility, Computing, and Consumer Markets research, just posted this piece for clients on I liked it, and got his permission to post it here. - fg]

Over the past two days there’s been a whirlwind of opinions, speculation, and additional news around Apple’s iPhone. As I pointed out on January 9th Cisco has more than an opinion; it has a lawsuit. But the focus here is not to argue over the name and how that plays out, but challenge the conventional wisdom that has appeared in the press and in Wall Street comments since Tuesday, as Apple and its iPhone are anything but conventional. [ more...]

Almost nothing makes me crazier these days than when people talk about service-oriented architecture (SOA) as if it’s just about delivering development and integration flexibility to business applications (by SAP, Oracle, et al.). For anyone paying attention to the leading vendors in the IT infrastructure and management software world, SOA is also the core principle behind the rearchitecting of the IT operations world. [ more...]

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