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Posted by Frank Gens on April 9th, 2007

David Tapper
David Tapper serves as Program Vice President for IDC’s Outsourcing Services research team. David manages a team of analysts dedicated to developing research for IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO), and global sourcing, also referred to as offshore. He also provides strategic thought leadership on the transformation of the services industry to newer models of delivery including utility computing/SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). MORE>>>

David contributed to Which Technologies Matter Most for Transformation?

Klaus Töpfer
Klaus Töpfer
is a German politician (CDU) and environmental politics expert. From 1998 to 2006 he was executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP).  MORE>>> (from Wikipedia)

Dr. Töpfer’s presentation on Green IT at IDC’s Europeasn ICT Forum in September 2007 was posted in: Klaus Töpfer at IDC European Forum: Green IT Is “Economically Necessary”

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle
is the Group VP and GM of IDC’s Network Infrastructure and Security Products and Services groups. He leads an expanding team of experts on Enterprise Networks, Datacenter Networks, Wireless Infrastructure, Network and Service Management, Network Life-Cycle Services, Next-Generation OSS and Billing, Telecommunications Equipment, Next-Generation Networks Infrastructure, Secure Content and Threat Management, and Security Services and Identity Management.  MORE>>>

Lee contributed to Cisco: the Communication Business Solutions Provider?

Shiv Bakhshi
Shiv Bakhshi is the director in charge of mobility research at IDC. Shiv plans and directs IDC’s worldwide research efforts pertaining to mobility, including mobile phones, converged devices and mobile applications (both consumer and enterprise related). With his team, he provides research and consulting services in areas covering mobile industry dynamics, mobile technologies, competitive strategies of industry players, as well as the end-user needs shaping the handheld device market.  MORE>>>

Shiv contributed to It’s iPhone Day… But Who Wants the iPhone?

Chris Hazelton
Chris Hazelton is a senior analyst for IDC’s mobile devices group. In this role he covers worldwide device technology and market trends in the mobile and wireless marketplace. Focusing on the convergence of mobile/wireless access technologies and advances in device component technologies that impact product designs and capabilities of devices in both consumer and business market segments. Chris researches technological and social trends, including the increasing availability of digital content and a growing culture of mobile data consumption, which are driving advances in overall device performance.  MORE>>>

Chris contributed to It’s iPhone Day… But Who Wants the iPhone?

Susan Feldman
Susan Feldman directs IDC’s Content Technologies Group, and specializes in research on search and discovery software and digital marketplace technologies and dynamics. The Content Technologies Group tracks and analyzes software that manages, organizes, maintains, archives, distributes, and creates access to unstructured information in any format.  MORE>>>

Sue contributed  Who Owns the Web? Guess Again…  and to Who Owns the Web? Once Again….

Rachel Happe
Rachel Happe leads IDC’s research on the Digital Business Economy, covering how online business models and practices affect business environments, technology architectures, corporate processes, and contributor expectations.  MORE>>>

Rachel contributed  Who Owns the Web? Guess Again…  and to Who Owns the Web? Once Again….

Randy Giusto
Randy Giusto is IDC’s Group Vice President of Mobility, Computing, and Consumer Markets research groups. In this role, he directs IDC’s worldwide research efforts focused on mobility, client computing, and consumer devices and services.  MORE>>>

Randy contributed  The Unconventional Apple iPhone, and What Really Matters.

Filippo Passerini
Filippo Passerini is the global CIO of CPG icon Procter & Gamble (P&G).  MORE>>>

Filippo contributed to P&G’s CIO on Making IT Matter.

Dorothy Yang
Dorothy Yang, IDC’s Asia/Pacific Consulting Director based in Beijing, manages the consulting and custom research services across the Asia/Pacific region with a focus on projects related to Greater China, software, services, SMB and channels. Dorothy is also a core team member of IDC’s BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) initiative. MORE>>>

Dorothy contributed to eXchange In-Depth: What You Need to Know About China and IT (audio).

Rick Nicholson
Rick Nicholson, with more than twenty years of experience in information technology in the energy industry, leads Energy Insights, one of IDC’s industry research companies.  He is responsible for the company’s research-based advisory and consulting offerings, which provide full coverage of the energy industry value chain including both utilities and oil & gas segments.  MORE>>>

Rick contributed to Utility Industry Insight: the Looming Issue of Niche IT Vendor Risk Management.

Piyush Singh
Piyush Singh is Managing Director of IDC’s Centre for Consultancy and Research (CCR), based in Bangalore, India. CCR is a fully-owned IDC subsidiary, which has been established to support IDC’s international operations in the areas of market research and analysis, software application development, customer support, and other back-office functions.  MORE>>>

Piyush contributed to eXchange In-Depth: What You Need to Know About India and IT.

Bob O'Donnell
Bob O’Donnell, IDC’s Program VP, Clients and Displays, has a lengthy, multi-faceted career in the computer and high-tech industry. Mr. O’Donnell is responsible for tracking the latest and most important hardware developments that impact PCs, notebooks, handheld devices, information appliances, and other consumer devices. MORE>>>

Bob contributed to Flat-Panel TVs: the Time of the Cheapskate Shopper Is Arriving for Christmas.

Crawford Del Prete
Crawford Del Prete, Senior Vice President of IDC’s Communications, Hardware, Services and Software programs manages IDC’s largest research organization.  This group includes, the WW Enterprise Computing, Information Infrastructure, Integration, Development and Application Strategies, Services, Telecommunications, Clients and Mobility, and WW Tracker research practices.  MORE>>>

Craw contributed to Del Prete on Mark Hurd and HP at Six Months (audio).

Bob Parker
Bob Parker leads Manufacturing Insights, one of IDC’s industry research companies that addresses the current market gap by providing fact based research and analysis on best practices and the use of information technology to assist clients in improving their capabilities in key process areas. MORE>>>

Bob contributed to Bob Parker on European Manufacturers’ Transforming Business and IT Agendas (audio).

Peter Weill
Peter Weill is the Director, Center for Information Systems Research & Senior Research Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management.  Peter conducts research on the role, value and governance of information technology (IT) in enterprises.  MORE>>>

Peter contributed to MIT’s Peter Weill on Principles for Dynamic IT Organizations (audio).

John Gantz
John Gantz – Chief Research Officer and Senior Vice President of IDC – has responsibility for IDC’s worldwide demand-side research, global market models, and research quality control and standards. He is also a member of IDC’s management committee, chief architect of IDC’s Global Internet Commerce Market Model, TM, IT Economic Impact Model, and PC Software Piracy research.  MORE>>>

John contributed to John Gantz: Europe at Transformation Crossroads.

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